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Kitchen Design Ideas

Create a Beautiful Herb Garden Display

29 Oct

Herb gardens are a perfect way to incorporate fresh flavors into your cooking and dress up your home décor all at the same time. Kept inside or outside, there are many creative ways to display and grow your herbs. Mason Jars The Mason jar is one of the most versatile objects in the world of […]

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What Are The Benefits of Installing Skylights in Your Home?

14 Sep

Natural lighting can play a crucial role in the sustainability of your home. While electricity is no doubt an essential part of any home, there are a lot of overlooked benefits associated with skylights. For example, did you know that skylights can decrease your electric bill, and have a better impact on the environment? In […]

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Designing with Dirt: “Sprucing” up your Garden

25 Aug

Sometimes you want a garden that looks like this: But your backyard looks like this: Don’t fear! You can have a beautiful garden that can be easy to maintain and utilize almost any space, large or small. Containers Containers are your friend; they are incredibly versatile in providing color, height, and ease of care. There […]

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Blue Living Room Decoration Ideas

8 Jul

It is true that people would love to decorate and design their home in best possible way and for this they try to do so many different things. Interior of the home is as important as the exterior of the home and it will be great for a person to design and decorate the interior […]

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Renovating the Pink Bedroom

7 Jun

The individuals who have unusual taste should choose the pink for their bedroom. There are different shades of pink color that can be used for painting the walls of the bedroom. You can also use the shades of brown and orange color along with the pink color. You can also give the ethereal shade to […]

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Colour Trends For 2014

25 Oct

Although you may not immediately associate color trends with interior design, paint, accent and decor, hues come in popularity waves in just the same way as in the world of fashion. Before you remodel your bedroom or tackle another inside housing project, here are the colors expected to be the big hits of the 2014 […]

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Dressing your bed for winter

25 Oct

With the nights drawing in and the temperature starting to drop it`s clear that winter is on the way. Most of us will have packed away the summer clothes and unpacked the winter woollies ready for the cold weather, but how many of us do the same to our beds? We wouldn`t dream of wearing […]

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Bringing Your Garden to Life in Winter

18 Oct

It’s getting cold, the leaves are falling and winter is coming at us full speed. The garden is starting to look pretty bleak right about now. If you see green in your garden, it’s probably that pine tree, the only blotch of color left. No butterflies, no dragonflies, no hummingbirds – all that’s left is […]

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Welcoming In Summer With Interior Ideas

25 Jul

The sun is here at long last, and it’s time to get into the summertime groove for many of us in the UK. Despite the sun streaming in through the windows and the smell of fresh cut grass wafting across our noses, after such a long and gloomy winter it can be hard to truly […]

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How to Install Blue Rugs?

5 Jun

The history of rugs has a long timeline. According to researchers, the rugs are under use of humans from the first day of birth. About four thousand years ago the flat weaving was one of the methods to weave simple rugs. Some of the initial rugs can be found in Egyptian and Mesopotamian tombs. Rugs […]

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